Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sensor Dust

Due to a small section of the house having to be refurbished I have not had regular power or internet access and I was unable to check some of my assignment images until long after I had taken them.

Imagine my horror when I discovered that some of the images were completely ruined by sensor dust. Large unfocused blobs and spots could be clearly seen in some of the images and where they they had caught the light looked like lens flares.

Having not cleaned the sensor on the D80 for a while I found that some of the spots were difficult to remove. Following the guidance on the web, I purchased a lupe with the light that I could sit on the camera body and this would allow me to see, analyse and guide me on where I had to clean the sensor.

Having used some new sensor cleaning tools I was nervous to see if the sensor was clean and the images less spotted.

On first review I was horrified to see that there were some smears and spots which looked worse than before. After a second clean with the tools, and air duster and using a small vacuum pump to draw air away from the body I was pleased to see that the sensor was at least cleaner.

Rose Macro

Nikon D80, Aperture Mode Manual, focal length 105mm (35mm equivalent 157mm), aperture f8, speed 1/500 second, ISO 3200, Daylight white balance, Matrix metering, Hand Held Camera, 105mm macro lens,


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