Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cultural History - Clarification

As part of Assignment 5 I used the text Chocolate and shortbread box version of Scotland without really giving a clear cultural clarification and imparting knowledge.

Essentially the Chocolate/Shortbread box version of Scotland is the highland hills and mountains covered in heather and grass usually accompanied with a loch, a highland cow, some tartan or someone playing the bagpipes.

However like many places, this version of Scottish Culture does not really exist outside of the tourist trail. Tartan itself for example was not a popular item within Scotland until Sir Walter Scott made it the must have item

Bagpipes themselves can be traced as far back as a carving on a stone Hittite slab at Eyuk. The history of the bagpipes is convoluted and complex. Some believe that the bagpipes came from the middle east

This version of Scottish Culture is not made clear within the tourist industry as it may well damage the cultural view of Scotland and its past.


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