Thursday, 26 December 2013

Project Space and Function. Exercise 16 - Exploring Function

What: The main brief of this exercise was to examine a space and think about that it is intended to be used for, has the design of the space as it stands, been a successful design; does it fit the function of the space. Transfer this thought process into an image. 
Where: At Home, Indoors 
When: Just after sunrise. 
How: After making a lot of notes about the idea of the space of the bedroom, I think translated the thoughts into a single image. 

Locate a space: After thinking about different locations and spaces I decided to use the one space that I practically function from on a daily basis. The Bedroom 

Who uses the space: I do. 

Intention of the space: The dictionary definition of the bedroom is a room furnished for and used for sleeping and for the storage of clothes. How many aspects are there to the activity: Sleep hygiene tells us that the bedroom and the bed should only be used for sleeping and that you should not read, watch TV, or eat in bed/bedroom and that the bed and the bedroom have to be associated as the a relaxing location.

However many of us do not adhere tightly to these rules and that the bedroom has become a multi function area where rest and activity overlaps. People will watch TV, read, use computers until they become tired and at that moment the bedroom and the bed returns to the intended function which is a room where people sleep.

In reality in this point in time, the bedroom here in this image has had the function changed;

Nikon D80, Aperture Mode Manual, focal length 14mm (35mm equivalent 21mm), aperture f13, speed 1/4 second, ISO 3200, Fluorescent  white balance, Matrix  metering, Tripod Mounted camera, 11-16mm lens,
It is a study spot, an office from where I work, a reading room, a cat space, a place to watch TV, read books, and eat and to listen to music. As well as the traditional function of a place to rest; especially when I am personally struggling to maintain a clear thought process due to chronic fatigue and pain. It can be clearly seen in the image that the area is cluttered with books, papers, magazines, laptops and cats and is clearly showing signs of occupation and a change of function from the definitive description and intended idea of what the space should be.

I decided upon a low light shot as I wanted to capture the room as intended, using the wide angle lens allowed to me to capture the space in a non architectural style, I wanted to converge the verticals and show that there was some form of human occupation of the space. I also wanted to capture the true day to day function of the space, I did not want to hide the fact that the space has had to become multifunction due to my condition.

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